Wednesday, April 14, 2010

YouTube Redesign In Line With Google's Focus On Users

I am an avid YouTube viewer, as are millions of others worldwide. A short while back I was taken aback by YouTube's new look, which I initially thought was a glitch. Silly Me. On Youtube's redesign, as Laurie Sullivan writes, in a piece for Online Media Daily, "The cleaner, stripped-down version, which comes after a year of planning, more closely resembles the style and design of pages from parent company Google."

Here's more from the article:

"The changes might seem subtle at first, but that's only because the site sports a cleaner look. Metrics from preliminary tests that YouTube ran earlier this year suggest that overall video playbacks with the redesign rose 6%. People stay on the site 7% longer to view and comment longer. The cleaner design also helps pages load faster.

The combined features should give YouTube fodder to attract advertisers who long to engage site visitors more than the average of 15 minutes per session.

That's the length of time people typically hung around and viewed videos, perhaps because the old page design became crowded. Features began competing against each other for the attention of the site visitor, explains Shiva Rajaraman, YouTube senior product manager.

Rajaraman believes the redesign will change that, turning novices into power users though a variety of powerful, yet simple features and functions. For example, the search box has been positioned at the top center of the page. Site visitors can conduct searches as they watch videos."

This is a perfect example of experience-based design. Google is a forwarding thinking company from the design aspect and they are completely engaged in enhancing the user experience as it applies experienced-based design principles to the functionality of all its various business models.

Now as for YouTubers (those who provide content), one of the absolute best is Charlieissocoollike. I give you Charlie:

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