Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Palomino Restaurant: Our Pals

Chef Amanda Bucher

We have to come clean.   We have been cheating.    The affair started about 14 years ago, right here in Indianapolis, at the corner of Illinois and Maryland.   At first, the attraction was superficially motivated by looks; we admit this.  Soon, however, the relationship deepened into an abiding love that remains to this day.

Everyone who knows us understands our commitment to quality and over-the-top service and style.  So it would be hard to fault us for stepping out on our office space, delightful as it is, for our alternative office space:  Palomino Restaurant. 

Seriously, we don’t go to Palomino because it’s a great restaurant; we go because it’s a great experience.  We jokingly say, “You can go there if you want a Steak-N-Shake hamburger because they will run across the street to get if for you.”  Hyperbole?  Of course, no one would make such a request, but is shows the length at which the staff will go to meet customer satisfaction.   

They have recently taken on a new look; however, it could have easily gone unnoticed.  It was a subtle facelift with its signature sienna, burnt reds and cream that happened right while we were dining.  Such a remodel, slight as it is, could easily have been disruptive at other eateries, but Palomino is the kind of restaurant that would see such interruptions as unacceptable.  This speaks to the way they go about their mission, providing the best dining experience in Indianapolis. 

We heartily recommend Palomino.  Chef Amanda Bucher has just overseen the implementation of a new menu that focuses on freshness, flavor, and fine ingredients.  An already estimable wine list has been supplemented with some fine new additions.   The all day Happy Hour is a Q7 staple and the best deal in the city.

They've welcomed our clients, helped us celebrate business deals and have been the home of many creative concepts.  Whether it’s a drink after work or dinner with friends, I am always confident my experience with Pali’s will be a good one.  It’s the type of place that knows my name when I sit down.  Where the bartender already knows my favorite drink.  And where everyone says goodbye as I leave…not as a forced formality, but more like the feeling of saying “see you later” to an old Pal. 

Photography by Zach Dobson Photography